Posted by: haleluyas | ธันวาคม 6, 2007

Quote จากหนัง…..

เป็น Quote ต่างๆหลายเรื่อง อันนี้ต้องให้ Credit จากนิตยสาร ฮิ นะคับ เพราะ Copy มาเหมือนกันเหอะๆ

Sometime the smallest thing can make the biggest changes of all : Dinosaur

To make an impact, you have to go to the extremes : Drive Me Crazy

You’ll always know when the right person walks into your life.If he’s the right man for you, you just can’t let him slip on by : The Butcher’s Wife

It’s love that hurts.But it’s hurt that tells you are still alive : Body Shots

Be stupid enough to fall in love and be smart enough to know it. : The Velocity of Gary

Some heights can only be reached by hearts : Among Giants

There’s a fine line between coincidence and fate : The Mummy Returns

You’re afraid of something bad that you miss many good things : Now and Then

As long as there’s life, there are dreams : Roseanna’s Grave

It’s hard to let go, isn’t it?…That’s life : Meet Joe Black

There’s the world out there. And no matter you like it or not, it’s gonna hit you right in your face : American Beauty



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